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from Space Needle, 1962.jpg
Freeway construction in South Lake Union neighborhood seen from the Space Needle looking northeast, Seattle, 1962

aerial of South Lake Union, 1932.jpg
Aerial of Lake Union from south, Seattle, May 10, 1932

Eastlake neighborhood, 1958.jpg
Aerial of Lake Union and Eastlake neighborhood from south, Seattle, 1958

South Lake Union, Oct 6, 1934.jpg
Aerial of Horlucks Brewing Co. and South Lake Union, Seattle, October 6, 1934

coast guard, 1962.jpg
Coast Guard boat on Lake Union with men working on a buoy, Seattle, 1962

Boat towing, 1955.jpg
Boat towing logs on Lake Union, Seattle, 1955

boat ends, 1938.jpg
Boat Enda on Lake Union, Seattle, June 11, 1938

Seattle NE, 1937.jpg
Aerial view of downtown Seattle looking northeast, 1937
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