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Median Income.png
Student-created map of Northlake Union and Seattle census tracts, showing median income of residents.

Topographic map_Northlake.jpg
Topographic map of Section 29, Twp. 25 N., Rge. 4 E., W.M. Aerial Survey of 1958 [annotate to indicate streets involved in Northlake Urban Renewal Project]; includes Topography ; Building outlines ; Streets, Shorelines

Base map of City of Seattle from 45th St. to Denny Way.jpg
Detailed map of streets and Lake Union shoreline;
Scale: 1:4800
Orig No: 409-15; 5916-122
Record series code: 2613-01
Location: 443-60-7

empty frame.JPG
Empty frame overlooking North Lake Union, under Aurora Bridge in Fremont

modes of transport.JPG
Views of Burke-Gilman Trail and Northlake Way
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