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Student photography: Cobblestone through cement

Historic photograph showing the complicated system used to open the Latona Bridge after the completion of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. A drawbridge system opened the trolley portion of the bridge, while the side devoted to pedestrians and other…

A 1916 photograph of the Stone Way Bridge taken from the under-construction Fremont Bridge

seattlemunicipalarchives_ship canal bridge construction_1960.jpg
A 1960 photo looking north across the future span of the Ship Canal (I-5) Bridge as it is under construction.

1931 photograph showing the construction of the central truss of the Aurora Bridge.

A historic photo showing some of the first traffic (in this case the Seattle-Everett Interurban streetcar) across the Fremont Bridge on its opening day on June 15, 1917.

A modern day vista of Queen Anne from the east side.

lake union loop small.jpg
Image from Seattle Parks and Recreation
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