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  • Collection: LARCH 498/598 Urban Environmental History: An American Context

map of east lake union platting

sundance yachts.jpg
Sundance has served the marine industry since 1972, and serves both Seattle and Portland's yacht needs. For their ful site, click here

Pacific Coast Yacht service.png
Pacific Coast Yacht Service was founded in 1993 by Lennie Puetz, Doug Skeels and Paul Sittauer. For their full site click here

swiftsure yachts, Inc..jpg
The partners of Swiftsure Yachts created a full service brokerage for yachtsmen in 2002. For their full site click here

signature yachts.png
Signature yachts has been serving the Seattle area since 1989 and consists of a seven-man team all employed to ensure the yacht customer has an excellent experience and finds what they are looking for. For their full site click here

yacht shops.png
This map is the Google search result for "yachts Seattle Westlake Avenue." In recent years, pleasure industries that capitalize on the natural allure of the open lake have become a major industry in and of themselves. To view the origional page,…

Westlake Avenue.png
Westlake Avenue North is home to a variety of commercial businesses along Lake Union's waterfront. The area is considered North Queen Anne.
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