Southwest Lake Union

Southwest Lake Union is the poster child of 20th century urban development with massive landscape alteration, rapid industrialization, vast transportation development, urban sprawl and the magical World’s Fair. The area has not yet been clearly defined as it constantly being forgotten by its more renowned neighbor such as Seattle Center, Queen Anne, or South Lake Union. 


It is a combination of the Cascade, Queen Anne neighborhood, with a segment labeled as Westlake area. As we try to grasp its identity, hidden fragments and secrets appear from its mirky water and steep hills. The area is heavily residential while serving as the gateway to multiple transportation systems. Its environment is strongly influenced by the 1900s Denny Regrade, constructions of railroad, trolly lines, and Hwy 99. Even a mystery island appeared and vanished within a day. 


This exhibit uses infographics, GIS, Google Earth Mapper and various images to showcase the history and forgotten narratives of this under-estimated and unidentified neighborhood on the southwest corner of Lake Union. 


Colleen Brennan, Luna Cheng, Kyle Kurokawa, Julia Yu