Water lapping the shore

 "Music is continuous, only listening is intermittent"

- Henry David Thoreau


Inside the Varsity Inn

An exploration of the soundscape of Northlake forces the attention to the ever-present but seldom consciously registered background noises of industrialized urban spaces.  What sounds merge to create the keynote of Northlake?  How do background noises ebb and flow over space, interweaving with foreground noises designed to call the ear?  How do the different users of the space (humans, non-human animals, machines) mingle with the extant physical environment (water, ground, air) to orchestrate a song specific to time and place?  Exploring the soundscape of Northlake provokes further questions about the effects of noise on human and non-human life, the distribution of these effects, and the political, economic, and social ramifications of change over time. 

"Ride the Ducks" tour enters the water

Worker uses leaf blower on top of a nearby building

Geese at Waterway 17

Drainage pipe drains into Lake Union at Waterway 18

Dripping gutter

Inside Dunn Lumber