Northlake base map

Northlake Study Area

In the Winter of 2014, four graduate students embarked on a sensory exploration of Northlake Union. Following this experience, which you can explore here, the team turned its attention to tracking the small, North Seattle neighborhood's trajectory of change over the past half century.  

Guiding this exploration was an underlying interest in investigating how large city- and region-level changes are made visible in small places.  What could a deep investigation into our traditional disciplinary data sources (census data, both aggregate and individual, government documents, independent data collection, and records of the built environment) tell us about the changes that were inscribed into Northlake Union over the past 50 years?  What further avenues of inquiry into broader changes are opened up through this exploration? How did residents, businesses, and the built environment that housed these users of Northlake Union space change?