Business and Economic Profile

Chart of Business Types in Northlake

Following the investigation into the resident demographics of the neighborhood, we investigated the business and economic profile of the neighborhood.  First, we researched the Seattle City Directory from 1940, categorizing each of the businesses by industry type.  Then we conducted a walk-through of the neighborhood, augmented with google searches, to determine present day businesses. 

We found a distinct industrial clustering of marine and extractive industry in the 1920s.  By the 2010s, however, the area had experienced a wholesale shift toward real estate, leisure, and dining industries.  Despite this shift, the area maintained a strong marine industrial feel, and of the observed businesses, 30% were related to the marine industry.  The importance of the marine industry to the area is a paramount importance, even in an increasingly service and leisure economy. 

Wallingford Planning Area Boundary Map

There is some evidence that people both lived and worked in Northlake in 1940.  By comparing the long form census records with the business directory, we can see when people work near their homes.  For instance, the Rasmussan Auto Repair Shop was located adjacent to the home of one Agda Rasmussan.  In another instance, two boat builders - Russ Gibson and Arne Vesoja - lived right next to Yacht Sales and Charters.