Northeast Lake Union Land Use and Zoning

Current land use in Northeast Lake Union is primarily residential.

Current land use in  Northeast Lake Union is primarily residential, and this has been true since the area was settled in the 1860's. Early residents included farmers and homesteaders.


In 1909 the area began its life as a connecting point for the city, as a route for people to get to the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. 


In the 1960's the neighborhood was greatly impacted and divided by the construction of I5 and the Ship Canal Bridge. Many of the small businesses in the area were forced to close by a drop in customers from the other side of the freeway.


Some industry and warehouses are now in Northeast Lake Union, as well as a few restaurants and retail stores, and several office buildings. However the area maintains its residential character, and is especially known for its houseboats. 

Current zoning shows clearly the neighborhood's residential character. 

Northeast Lake Union Land Use and Zoning