Blanchard Boat Co

Blanchard Boat Company 1924

Blanchard Boat Co employees, 1924

Norman J. Blanchard (1885-1954) with Dean and Lloyd Johnson started Johnson Bros. & Blanchard Boatyard in 1905. In 1922 the business was moved to Northeast Lake Union at 3201 Fairview Avenue East and renamed Blanchard Boat Co. They built sailboats and yachts of high quality, so that many of which are still around and cared for today. After his father's death, Norman C Blanchard took over the company until 1969 when the business closed, likely due to a growing interest in fiberglass boats over wood. In the span of the business, they built over 2,000 boats. The site in Northeast Lake Union is still used for boat sales and repair today.



Location of 3201 Fairview Avenue East, where the Blanchard Boat Co used to be.